SSL for Web Hosts

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SSL services - A 'MUST HAVE' offering for web hosting providers.

Web hosts! you need to help your customers succeed - As they grow their SSL Web Hostingbusiness with you, they'll require more services, more rack space and greater bandwidth, so help them every way you can!. Essential to the success of web retailing (i.e. how they make money) is the ability to convert visitors into paying customers. Whilst there are many on-line and off-line sources of information available to web site owners about how to do this, one consistent fact drives up conversion rates far more than any other - trust. After all, no one buys from a salesman they do not trust! Help them maximize the deployment of trust indicators and security services - through you!

Educate your customers to the benefits of using High Assurance SSL on their retail sites.

  • Provides visitors with trust indicators to drive overall confidence in brands, products and services.
  • Allows customers to confidently pass ordering information and credit card details in a secure manner.
  • Boosts visitor conversion rates - increasing bottom line profitability.
  • Allows expansion of secure services to consumers suppliers and partners.
  • Facilitating web site security from less than $1 per week.

Integrate SSL services directly into your control panel - Automate the sales process and generate immediate incremental revenue. Control panels fully automate the whole process, including installation of the certificate for the end customer.

Compete head on with other web hosting providers - Your competition will be offering SSL services to their customers. You'll not only be turning away SSL savvy customers who can obtain their SSL Certificate through a web hosting provider with a broader range of options, you'll be missing the opportunity to extract far greater revenue levels from all your customers, both existing and future.

Increase your band awareness - Some leading Certification Authorities recognise that the power of your brand is your greatest asset. Capitalise on that asset and enhance your brand awareness by not only branding the delivery process of the SSL Certificate itself but also the details within the certificate. Branding may also be extended to the positive trust indicators on your customers web sites further enhancing your brand awareness.

Meeting the needs of rapid business expansion - Many retailers moving services to the Internet have found themselves growing at an astonishing rate, requiring the use of an ever expanding range of hardware and software solutions. Commercial success on the internet depends on gaining the trust of online customers. For your online business to succeed, you need to prove your website's legitimacy to create a sense of confidence in your business. To ensure minimal down-time, many retailers build in redundancy to critical network systems or add additional load balanced servers. With certificate lifetimes of up to 5 years it is highly probable that some form of expansion or migration will be necessary during that time. Unforeseen costs can be avoided through selection of appropriate SSL Certificate vendors who offer unlimited certificate re-issuance and unlimited server licenses for free.