"IE 7.0 – Making it simple for users to verify
your identity in SSL Browser"

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The NEW IE 7.0 – Making it simple for users to verify your identity

The new ‘Security Status’ bar offers consumers a simple and effective line of sight trust indicator in the form of a new padlock symbol. Only High Assurance SSL certificates have the ability to show authenticated entity information here (Business name and Business Address) to customers.

Microsoft has released a technical overview highlighting the reasons for the enhancements:- “With the explosion of small- and home- based business Web sites selling goods that span the pricing spectrum, users are even more likely to encounter unknown entities asking for their financial information. These factors combine to create a situation ripe for malicious abuse. Internet Explorer 7 addresses this issue by providing users with clear and prominent visual cues to the safety and trustworthiness of a Web site. With the assistance of Internet Explorer 7 to help identify legitimate Web sites, users can more confidently browse and shop anywhere on the Internet.”